Everyone is invited so spread the word! Bulgarian event for celebrating The Bulgarian National Day .

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Уважаеми съграждани, живеещи на територията на Южна Африка,

Нека съхраним за себе си и нашите наследници, това, което векове наред е било създавано от дедите ни!

Нека не забравяме откъде сме дошли на тази Земя!

Нашият език, нашата култура и история, религията и традициите ни, създавани, разпространявани и ревностно пазени през вековете, са повод да се гордеем, че сме БЪЛГАРИ!

Защо да няма едно кътче, тук в Йоханесбург и Претория, което Българите да наричаме свое, наше...?

Само малко усилие е необходимо от всеки от нас, за да се обединим и ЗАЕДНО да сложим началото на Български Културен Център, където да имаме дом за нашето Българско Училище „Слънчо”, библиотека, фонотека, филмотека. Православен Храм, в който да кръщаваме децата си, да правим венчавки, да празнуваме Коледа и Великден, или да споменаваме починалите. Помещения, където да осъществяваме срещи и събирания, спортни площадки, за футбол, баскетбол и други спортове?

Място, където всеки Българин да може да рекламира и дистрибутира бизнеса си?

НАЧАЛОТО е сложено, МЯСТОТО съществува, известна сума е събрана!

За съжаление, сумата не е достатъчна за покупката на мястото.

За да не загубим постигнатото се нуждаем от СПЕШНИ ДЕЙСТВИЯ!

Активирайки вашето членство в Българския християнски и културен център, и плащайки месечно скромна сума (R 100 индивидуално или R 250 семейно), Вие помагате да се закупи мястото, но също така подпомагате съществуването на Българското училище, получавате правото да гласувате при вземането на всякакви решения свързани с Българския център, и ползвате базата на Центъра безплатно - училището, библиотеката, филмотеката и т.н.

За точна информация, може да се обърнете към Катя Калoянoва тел за контакт 082 319 18 41

Нека не пропускаме тази уникална възможност - да запазим Българското в себе си, и достойно да го предадем на поколенията след нас!

The Latest News

Sveshtonoikonom Yonko Veselinov Ivanov

Born in Gabrovo, Bulgaria, Veliko Turnovo Diocese 1975.

Finished Sofia Diocesan College St. Joan Rilski in 1996. Graduated from Veliko Tarnovo University “Sveti Sveti Kiril i Metodi” in 2001 with a Master’s Degree in Theology and Teacher in Theology.

In 1999 was appointed a priest in Gabrovo by the Veliko Turnovo Metropolitan Grigorii.

Since 1 August 2010 Sveshtenoikonom Yonko Veselinov Ivanov has resided in Johannesburg for the purpose of the spiritual needs of all Christian Bulgarians in South Africa.

			Contact: 0027 082 337 84 28
    			Email: ionko_veselinov@abv.bg

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Welcome to the Bulgarian Community site in RSA

This site is specifically designed for Bulgarian citizens living in South Africa to provide them with information relating to Bulgarian Events, Bulgarian Forums and Bulgarian Businesses and to UNITE the Bulgarian speaking people within this multi-cultural part of the world.

It is a very exciting time for us all. We currently have a wonderful opportunity to contribute to the preservation and popularization of the Bulgarian culture and traditions. The Bulgarian Government has established a fund to financially support cultural initiatives abroad. With the help of the Bulgarian ambassador Mr. V. Neikov we have the assurance that the Bulgarian Government will contribute financially to the development of the Bulgarian Cultural Centre, Library and Bulgarian School. The Bulgarian Patriarchy has also offered to contribute financially to the construction of the Bulgarian Christian Church.

The only pre-requisite to obtaining these finances is that the Bulgarian Community in South Africa must be in possession of a suitable piece of land where the development can take place. A small group of Bulgarians undertook the initiative to find the appropriate land for the future Bulgarian centre. A (one) hectare property - situated at the corner of Knoppieslaagte and Scorpion Trail Road, Bridle Park AH, Midrand - was identified as it is easily accessible for people staying in Pretoria as well as in Johannesburg. (See locality Map).

An offer of R1 200 000 was made to the owner at the beginning of March and soon after the celebration of the national day of Bulgaria (also known as Liberation day - 3rd March) was held there on the 7th March. This provided the opportunity for more people to view the land and express their opinions. The celebration was a huge success. There was an official tribute from the Bulgarian Ambassador, a lovely performance from the children of the Bulgarian Sunday School as well as lots of fun games and a raffle. (See photos from the event).

This event became the starting point to collecting the amount of money needed to purchase the property. A BIG THANK YOU to all the people who contributed cash on the day, to those who made electronic deposits, those who made a pledge to make a contribution towards the project and to all who offered their time and service. All of your efforts are greatly appreciated.

The web page is also available for business advertisements. If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please send an e-mail to the page administrator.

If you would like to make a contribution the bank details are as follows:

     Branch Code: 169 805
     Account Type: SAVING
     Account Number: 2698152710

    Please use your name as the reference. 
    You can e-mail confirmation to Bulgaria-SA@gmail.com, 
    or send a fax to (+27 11) 548 0701.

It is time to come together, combine all our efforts towards making the Bulgarian Christian and Cultural Centre a reality. Let us create a place where our children can learn the language and the history of our country. A place where we can get together to celebrate the Bulgarian holidays and our traditions can live on.

If you have any suggestions, comments or queries please contact us.