Short History of Bulgaria

681 Khan Asparuh founded the Bulgarian state with the capital of Pliska.
855 The brothers Kiril and Metodi created the Slav Alphabet.
865 Kniaz Boris introduced the East Orthodox Christianity as an official religion in Bulgaria.
1018 Bulgaria was conquered by the Emperor Vasilii II and became a province of the Byzantine Empire. This was the end of the First Bulgarian Kingdom.
1185 After a successful rebellion, led by the Assen dinasty, the Second Bulgarian Kingdom was created.
1396 ------------------------------ Bulgaria fell under Ottoman rule.
1652 The monk Paisii Hilendarski wrote the "History of Slavs and Bulgarians". This was the beginning of the Bulgarian Renaissance.
1876 The April rebellion - though unsuccessful, it provoked a great international indignation to the Turkish tyranny.
1877 ------------------------------ End of the Russian - Turkish liberating war.
1878 By the Sanstefano Peace treaty, signed on 3td March 1878, the Third Bulgarian Kingdom began. On the 13th of July The Berlin Treaty was signed and Bulgaria was divided in provinces,thus severely shortened by teritory .
1895 ------------------------------ On the 6th of September, Bulgaria finally had the courage to pronounce unification between the Union of Eastern Rumelia with the Bulgarian Principality.
1908 22nd of September - The Prince Ferdinand claimed the Independence of Bulgaria.
1913 Bulgaria led the so called "Balkan war" against Serbia, Cherna Gora, Greece, Turkey and Romania at the same time,which war resulted into heavy losses of Bulgarian territories.
1918 ------------------------------ The country participated in a war against the Antanta.
1941 Bulgaria was involved in the World War II on the side of the Threefold Union. Bulgaria was the only German ally that did not allow the extermination of its Jewish citizens.
1944 ------------------------------ Russian troops crossed the Danube river and four days later Bulgaria entered the era of communist rule.
1989 First democratic changes after the fall of Eastern dictatorship regimes.
1999 ------------------------------ Official start of preaccession negotiations with the EU.
2001 Simeon Saxoburgotski is selected as a Prime Minister
2003 Official opening of Internet Home page for Bulgarian Culture Center in Johannesburg, South Africa
2004 Bulgaria becomes a member of NATO.